Our Grading structure has been developed by the World Muay Boran Federation based in Bangkok Thailand and is recognised by the Government’s Cultural Committee.

The Grading syllabus has 19 levels called “Khan”.  Level 10 is the equivalent of a black belt in other martial arts. There are only a few Khan 19 Senior Grand Masters worldwide. Although sadly passed away recently, arguably the most famous was Senior Grandmaster Yodthong who trained one of the most successful fighters of all time Samart.  He also trained Tony Jaa for the film Ong Bak and featured as the cigarette seller at the “Fight Club”.

Our Grading syllabus begins by testing the acquisition of correct technique for the simplest of the 8 weapons of Muay Thai (fists, elbows, knees, and feet).  At this stage we also test the participants knowledge of Muay Thai language, and the correct use of the equipment.  This includes bagwork, skipping, shadow boxing, and padwork.

The Gradings will then test the participants acquisition of more complex techniques as well as their knowledge of the ancient skills of Thai Boxing (Muay Boran) which can be used to great effect for self defence or competition.

We also test the participants knowledge of the rituals of Muay Thai called Wai Kru and Ram Muay.

Grade 11 is Trainee Instructor and Grade 12 is Instructor (Kru). When you reach Khan 11 you can register with the Kru Register in Thailand.  Kao Loi Head Coach Pierre Mahon is Ajarn (Master) Khan 14.

We hold regular gradings and you can get more information from your coaches at Kao Loi.