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These sessions are for people who are intermediate and above, and are an enjoyable part of our weekly training schedule.

They are fun for all, but essential for those wishing to learn all aspects of Combat Sport, competitors, officials, those wishing to grade, and trainee instructors.  Our coaches will be able to tell you if you are at the right level to begin learning to defend.

We practice drill routines for each type of defence so that they become automatic.  When you are competent at these drills they can be put together in controlled light sparring.  As your sparring becomes more fluent, we will start to develop your technical and tactical skill, and start to look at successful combat sport psychology.

£7 adults          £6 under 16’s           £32.50 12 months membership & insurance


“Pierre is the Freddy Roach of Muay Thai!”

Kristoffer Addis

2 time British Champion, K1 Max UK finalist, WPMF European Champion


Class Trainer

Pierre Mahon

Head Coach, Personal Trainer, and founder of Kao Loi Gym.Pierre has spent his whole working...


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Time: 1 hour
TimeFrame: Monday 8.10pm, Friday 7.10pm