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Fitness Goals :

We will work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals.  We can develop anaerobic fitness, aerobic fitness, increase muscle strength, muscular endurance, or reduce fat percentage.

If you are working towards a particular goal e.g. half marathon, smaller dress size, we will support you all the way!

Combat Goals :

Whatever your chosen combat sport, we can help you improve.

We will begin by talking about what you want to achieve.  Then we will build a profile of you as an athlete, and identify what is important to you in relation to your goals.  Once we have highlighted the areas you wish to develop, be they Technical, Tactical, Physical, or Psychological, we will begin the training.

Head Coach Pierre has worked with international athletes in both Martial Arts and Ski Racing, and knows what it takes to develop athletes at all levels.  He uses a variety of techniques including profiling, goal setting, video analysis, pre and post competition reviews, sports psychology, and fitness testing, to maximise your potential.

Self Defence :

After attending our one day Self Defence Course, you can book one to one sessions to improve your skill at using the techniques you learnt.

Juniors and Children :

We will help your child increase their fitness and develop confidence in themselves.

Pierre will work with your child to help the 5 areas highlighted by UK Sport, Confidence, Competence, Character, Connections, and Creativity.  He will discuss what areas you want to work on with them, and then carefully helps them set their own goals so they are constantly aware of their development. He then uses high quality feedback to reinforce learning.  This will lead to them developing a lifelong interest in sport end exercise.

Please contact Pierre to discuss your requirements.

Here’s what our members say

“Choosing to have personal training with Pierre at Kao Loi Gym has been on of the best decisions I have ever made. Kao Loi has opened so many doors for me, I could not rate them more highly. Whatever you goals are Kao Loi Gym is the place to be.”

Josh Buckle

Here’s what our members say

“Pierre has a hugely likeable approach to personal training that means hard work becomes fun and learning never stops.”

Marcus Golby

Here’s what our members say

“Two years ago I finally made the call and started personal training with Pierre.  Before I started I was a bit out of shape and wanted to get my fitness back.  I was a bit worried that I might be starting a bit late but I thought I’d give it a go anyway.

I am now of the opinion it’s never too late!  Pierre has been very patient with me and I feel I have learnt a lot in a short time, and look forward to learning more.  I cannot recommend Pierre enough.”

Gary Brook


Class Trainer

Pierre Mahon

Head Coach, Personal Trainer, and founder of Kao Loi Gym.Pierre has spent his whole working...


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Time: Please email for more information
TimeFrame: Monday - Saturday