Junior classes are going really well with a core group coming regularly and developing with the help of Paul, Gareth, and Jack.

We have been encouraging the juniors to be creative and expressive, even going so far as letting them decide what their own lesson plans are going to be.

This is in line with best practice as recommended by UK Sport, and we are finding that the kids are loving the format.

Great news!! In a coma for 3 weeks, 20% chance of living and virtually no chance of walking after exiting his 44 ton truck at 50mph….Wes back in the gym for first time – 3 rounds on bag and 2 rounds on pads. Welcome back Wes and well done!

If everyone worked as hard as he has there’d be more champions in the world!

Well done to everyone who attended the Gradings at the weekend.┬áNew Khan 1’s Mark, Jo, Jack, Alex, Mikey, and Jonny.