2019 Review

Well in short…It’s been busy!!

Our First Timers sessions have been attended by many people throughout the year. Most have been coming along to see what we get up to, and others have become regular members who have committed themselves to a path of learning and self improvement within the club.

Our  Juniors have been continuing their development and we now have a solid group of trainees who are looking to interclub competitions in 2020. We also have a younger cohort who are in the learning to train phase developing with help from our volunteers Gareth, Craig, Nathaniel, and Paul. Thanks also to any of our parents who have helped out with some padwork.

Once again I must thank our sponsors K9 Patrol for their continuing support which has allowed us to buy uniforms for our coaches and athletes plus more equipment for everyone to use, including the rower and our wrestling dummy.

Well done to our fight team who have represented themselves and the club in exemplary fashion throughout the year. Harry Ettridge, Craig Skelton, Ciaran Smith, Nathaniel Kalogiannidis, Marlon Lockyer, Jack Onslow, Jack Whitaker, Scott Taylor, and Tyler Watts.  Special mention goes to Ciaran Smith who won a British Title which he will defend in April 2020, and is cited as one to watch for 2020 by Fight Record (see this link).

I am very pleased with all the people who have set themselves goals this year and gone either some or all the way to achieving them. A few have set muay thai grading goals with Charlie Yeoman achieving the highest at Khan 8.

Please have a look at our Gallery on the About us page for some pics from this year’s activities and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas! See you in 2020!